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Susan Foster (Dalison) Posted: Mar 5, 2016
Waynesville,North Carolina
Hi Donnie!
Finally catching up in the tech world...I loved Cats Meow!! And that version of Til the end of time is many memories...didn't realize you had continued on a musical path...I have to listen to everything...thankyou for saving all the City Lights creations...All the Best..Susan
Loving Freedom! Posted: Nov 2, 2013
Rockingham, Australia

Hi "dB". Keep up the good work!! We're lovin' your songs down under! Got "Freedom" on my brain.

Cindy A.
Indigo Soul? Posted: Oct 22, 2013
San Diego, CA

Hi Donnie. What ever happened to Indigo Soul? I really liked the female vocals and the guitar solos on "Gravity" and "Storm". Are you guys going to release anything else? Just wondering....

Oh -- I also like the guitar work on your instrumentals. Keep it coming.

Tim B.

accoustic gutar Posted: Jul 24, 2013
oldenberg, germany

like the acoustic guitars on your songs. especialy "she said yes" and "rocking chair". also like the surf feel of "malibu". i can see these being used on tv show or movies as part of background music.

what kind of acoustic guitar do u use?

Freedom & 4th Posted: Jul 4, 2013
Cleveland, OH

Good site you have here.. Freedom is a good song title for the 4th of July.

It's difficult to find high-quality songwriting like yours nowadays. I truly appreciate musicians like you! Take care!!

Nadia Posted: May 8, 2013

Hello! I like your musical compositions. They have a great deal of thought put into the structur. Whom are your influencers?

Do you have any tabs for your songs so I can possibly learn them?

Audrey McKnight Posted: May 6, 2013
Woodland Hills, Ca

strange but listening to this brings me back to our surfing days with all the guys from high school at Malibu & County Line...brings tears to my is amazing and you are so talented
Pat B. Posted: Apr 19, 2013

Rad guitars. I like Freedom the most. I can see "Where the Hell is Matt?" taking this song and touring the world, getting people to dance and clap hands! You need to contact the guy and see if he's interested.

Melinda Posted: Apr 11, 2013
Austin, Texas

Dear Donnie. I like the songs. And thanks for making them available on Bandcamp ( I like that site, as it allows me to stream your songs to my phone.

Interesting - on Bandcamp you allow people to download the entire song for free if they can't afford to pay. Even more interesting that you are donating all profits from paid downloads to charity. Awesome. I wish more people would do that.

Hannah Posted: Mar 16, 2013

I'm not that much of a internet user to be honest but your site and songs are really nice, keep it up! I like Greensleeves...found it when I was searching for xmas music.

I'll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back down the road.


Nils Posted: Feb 28, 2013
Madison, WI

I like the Christmas tune "What child is this". Excellent guitar work. What kind of accoustic and electric guitars are you using? What is your effects set up? What kind of recording software are you using. I like it.

Your guitar work on your newer songs is first rate. The old stuff was good...but I prefer the guitar songs more. Vocals just take up too much space in a song. :-) By the way, why did you give up singing?

gordon Posted: Jun 23, 2012

hey Donnie. cool stuff, good chops. I like it. when are you coming out with yur CD that has songs like Open ROad and Trouble in Paradize on it. i hope they sell it on itunes...zune isn't working for me, and amazon is ok but i have an ipod.
Mike G Posted: Jul 25, 2011
Southern California
Hi Donnie.

I was about 15-16 and you played in La Habra at Sonora HS and St Angela's church and would let me come up and play Roxanne on guitar with you guys. I had your record (listening to "She wants to be sure" right now and remember every lick!) Anyway, just wanted to drop a line and check it out. I have great memories about your band and the members. You were all so cool to me, a punk ass who wanted to barge in on your gig. Thanks, I haven't stopped playing since and make a meager living at it, but I enjoy it! You're at least a little responsible for that!

Mike G
Green Natives
Brianna Posted: Jul 10, 2011
Cardiff, England

Rainy Day sounds just like it should - somewhat melancholy. I like the arrangement with the accoustic and gnarly electric gutar.

There are just too many rainy days this year.

Thanks for the nice songs.

Joseph Posted: Jul 1, 2011

Hey dB. i saw you with City Lights when you were playing the Troubador a long time ago. i really like your new guitar songs. you're playing is still as strong as ever. are you going to make these available for download or for sale somewhere?

Victor Posted: May 21, 2011
Los Angeles, CA USA
I sit here in at home in awe! My older brother took me to a Troubador show starring City Lights in 1982. I was rocked out and blown away!! My brother bought the EP album and we rocked it all the time. I might still have it in my vinyl record box. You were just as much as an influance as andybody at that time..Van Halen, Iron Maiden, The Who..You should have been as big as the Cars! Thank you for rocking this punk kid to the rafters!
cool cat Posted: Jan 31, 2011

good stuff. really good stuff.
sam j Posted: Jan 17, 2011

like your stuff
Paul Posted: Jan 14, 2011
Woodland Hills, CA

I remember you when you were with City Lights! You had a pretty big following - I recall freeway overpasses were spray painted with "City Lights", and there were posters on nearly every telephone post. My girlfriend had a crush on you and the keyboard player, but that was ok because I had a crush on Joan Jett.

I like your new instrumentals - the guitar is front and center (just where is should be).

Rock On!

Randy Ralston Posted: Jan 9, 2011

Hi Donnie,

I write to you today from Ireland, where I've been living for the past 8 years. Moved here from Los Angeles in 2002 after falling in love with a wonderful woman. Well, it's taken me this long to finally get settled and unpack all the stuff I brought over with me. Guess what I unpacked today? A City Lights 45rpm single.

There's no way you would remember this but back in the late 90's and early 80's I was a roadie around town for you guys. I used to live in Studio City so load-in and out was not a huge deal. My memory of the time is limited (I was only 16/17/18 !) but I remember many gigs at the Troubadour and late-night load-outs into the van in the back alley. I also have a vivid memory of a really well used and loved Gibson Explorer that I think George used to play. Do you remember that?

Anyway, I have my own long story but I won't bore you with it Here. Just wanted to make contact. Would love to hear back from you when you get a chance.

Peace & Love,

- Randy Ralston
Rosie Posted: Jan 2, 2011
Eugene, OR

Greetings Donnie! Happy New Year! I love "I Love My Cat's Meow". It's perfect! You have a sense of humor! I love the "do, do, do do do do do's" and the gnarly (slide??) guitar solo.

Are you ever going to come to OR for a show?

Sara Posted: Dec 28, 2010

I found "I think we're alone now" on iTunes when we were looking for some "oldies" for our party, and then found your site. I really like your music. You are very creative.

I like the songs with words and singing more than the straight rock/guitar ones, but my boyfriend likes the guitar ones better. He says you're a shredder.

Keep playing.

Joshua Timpkins Posted: Nov 18, 2010

Nice tunes. I like the instrumentals; especially the Liquid Glass one. Where can I download/buy the new ones? What type of guitar are you using those songs?


Kristof Eisenhauer Posted: Oct 25, 2010

Nice guitar playing, Donnie B.

Do you have any videos of your songs? When will you be in Germany? I have a lot of hard-core rocker friends and we will all come see you.

Kristof Eisenhauer
Celia Simon Posted: Oct 18, 2010
Los Angeles, CA

i really like "cat's meow". i remember when that song was playing on KROQ. what a great time of new music in LA. i wanna hear more stuff from you. i googled you and there was a mention of indigo soul. do they play any of your songs?
James Wright Posted: Jul 15, 2010
Dallas, Texas

I came across your music Donnie, it's genius. I'm sharing your stuff with everyone I know! Keep up the good work!
Meg Posted: Mar 17, 2007

You rock dude!!! I am your #1 fan! Man you rock! I have your CD! And it rocks dude! How old are you now? YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rock on.
Jean Taylor Posted: Jan 26, 2007

I heard you on some local radio station. I really like the "Cat's Meow" song, but my favorite is "I think we're alone now". When are you going to tour up in Canada?
Soprano Posted: Dec 10, 2006

Greetings - you're "myspace" site is cool...but i like this site better. you have some cool tunes. keep up the rocking!

AarondustW Posted: Nov 30, 2006

Hey Donny. great trax! I like the songs and guitar work. rock-a-billy is rad over here...but i like the other stuff you do too. keep it up!

Joe Posted: Aug 17, 2006
Cincinnati, OH

Donnie Barren Rocks!

He is 99/44 100% Pure Talent with a Zest for life.

We salute you!
reingold Posted: Aug 13, 2006

hi. this is fun music. sounds like the stray cats or elvis. where did you get your song ideas? who are your influences?

come to germany sometime and play! we would love it.

Tina J Posted: Jun 8, 2006
LA, Calif

Hey dB productions. I like this music a lot. Thanks for putting some honest rock and roll out there for us.

Question: Why isn't "I think we're alone now" on the radio? It is much better than that old Tiffany version.


Joyce D. Posted: May 25, 2006
Sidney, Australia

South Side rocks. I like the words and the guitar playing. I also like the accousic guitar on Red Lights Turn To Gray. When are you coming out with another CD?

Do you ever make it down under?

Rex Davis Posted: May 14, 2006
Wausau, Wisconsin, USA

I heard your "I Love My Cat's Meow" on WNRB, 93.3 Wausau, Wisconsin a week ago Sunday night. I didn't recognize the song, but I liked it so I searched for the playlist

After figuring out who wrote the song I traced it to your web site. Cat’s Meow it tops! The rest of your tunes on this site are cool. I’m going to pick up a copy of your CD!

Christina Daniels Posted: May 12, 2006
London, England

I really like your stuff, Donnie. A friend turned me onto you, and I found your Cat’s Meow CD on Napster. Cool tunes!

When will you be coming to Europe to play? Do you think you’ll make it over to London? If so, I have a lot of friends that would love to come see your show.

Here’s to you….

Tim Larson Posted: May 10, 2006
San Bernadino, Calif., USA

Hey Donny. It's great to see your site! I used to love seeing you and City Lights play at the Starwood and Troubadour in LA. That was a long time ago.glad to see that youre other stuff is now available. I found it on Rhapsody! Your Cant You See The World Through My Eyes is classic, and I really like the guitar solo on Flat Tire!

I always thought your Blackout record was cool (and your guitar solos were right-on!), and I used to think the Zombies Time of the Season was a great remake. But I think you outdid yourself with the I think were alone now song. Wow.

Hope you release more stuff!

Take care.

Toni C. Holiday Posted: Jan 23, 2006
Winston Salem, North Carolina

Oh, the good old days, hanging out at the Troubadour and Starwood watching City Lights. I still have all the pictures I took of the band. I remember the first time I saw the band play at Kennedy High School in Granada Hills.

Donnie, If you read this, e-mail me at

Glad you have a site. Will need to get the CD. Still have the City Lights album and your first single of Cat's Meow.

Take Care,

Niki Kiyuku Posted: Jan 5, 2006
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Donny,

I like "I think we're alone now". Did you write that song? I bought it on ITunes. I think you have nice guitar work on the song. Please let me know if you ever come to Japan to play.

Richie Thompson Posted: Oct 20, 2005
LA, California

Wow. I remember Donnie Barren. You were in City Lights. Me and my girlfriend used to watch you guys at the Starwood and Troubadour. I love the guitar playing on the old CL tune "She Wants To Be Sure". Reminds me of Cheap Trick in their heyday!

Your "Cat's Meow" CD is good! I have an iPod and I downloaded all 11 tracks from iTunes. It sounds great. Too bad you went back to school and didn't stay with the music, man.

Where did you get the idea for doing "I think we're alone now?" I like it. And I really like "South Side" and "Can't You See The World Through My Eyes".

Can't wait to hear more.

Take care!
Dave Posted: Oct 20, 2005

OK - just one puzzler....looks like Donnie typically plays/played a Les Paul; so what's with the Gretsch pictured on the home page?
Barb Posted: Oct 5, 2005
Philadelphia, PA

Love the new site--hope it attracts a new following (well-deserved). You look like Peter Frampton! All the best to you and your crew.
Dave Posted: Oct 20, 2005

This is a really nice site. The songs are great and the photos are incredible! It's a wonderful reminder that music well worth hearing is not just found on the usual radio stations; or even on amazon. Hope you are able to add to the site from time to time!
Nathan B Posted: Oct 20, 2005
Decatur GA

Love the website! City Lights rules! I am one of your biggest fans!
Lan Chan Posted: Oct 20, 2005
Guangzhou, China

Donnie Barren is very well known here. If you tour China you can stay in my house!