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Flat Tire
Sitting drinking down at Jackie's Bar
When I, I saw her pull in
She looked to me like she was in control
Like her wheels were ready to spin
She gassed it up, she couldn't take no more
At least I didn't think she could
She said to me "I've got a problem sir
It's down here, underneath my hood"

"I've got a flat tire, come on and pump it up
Flat tire. come on and pump it
Flat tire, come on and pump it up
Flat tire, come on and pump it
Oh pump it for me, you look like you're my type
Oh pump it for me, come on baby, pump it all the night"

We shifted up into second gear
We were headed for a ride
She said, "Listen baby to my motor purr
When you open me up wide
Take off my top, I'm convertible
And you can move my seat around
My engine's racing when you touch that knob
So don't ever, don't ever slow down."

(Chorus, solo, chorus)

1983 Donnie Barren
Short Song Description:
Flat Tire (come on and pump it up) is full of fun double entendres. Reminiscent of The Cars.
Lyric Credits: Donnie Barren (Holtzinger)
Music Credits: Donnie Barren (Holtzinger)
Producer Credits: Donnie Barren (Holtzinger)
Publisher Credits: Donnie Barren (Holtzinger)
Performance Credits: Donnie Barren (Holtzinger)
Label Credits: Donnie Barren (Holtzinger)
Song Length: 4:05
Primary Genre: Rock-New Wave
Secondary Genre: Pop-Rock
Tempo / Feel: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Body/Bodies
Subject Matter 2: Attracted, Crush
Mood 1: Ecstatic
Mood 2: Engaging
Similar Artist 1: Cars, The
Language: English
Era: 1980 - 1989