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I Love My Cat's Meow (Unedited)
Messing all night, well I'm gonna scream
Cause all my cat's a wantin' is a taste of that a cream, yea...

I love my cat's meow now, I love my cat's meow now
A little bitta kitty, yea, my cat's meow

A funny sorta feeling down between my thighs
Get that tail a wagging and I think I'm gonna die, 'cause...


Well every single night 'bout half past ten
Over to her house I'm gonna come again
I don't need no lip from you
Just get the kitty going, she'll do that too

(Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, 1st Verse, Chorus)

I love my kitty cat, 'cause she knows where it's at
I love my kitty yea, my cat's meow

© 1982 Donnie Barren
Short Song Description:
Rockabilly tune filled with double entendres. Went to #1 on KROQ's Rodney on the Roq.
Lyric Credits: Donnie Barren (Holtzinger)
Music Credits: Donnie Barren (Holtzinger)
Producer Credits: Donnie Barren (Holtzinger)
Publisher Credits: Donnie Barren (Holtzinger)
Performance Credits: Donnie Barren (Holtzinger)
Label Credits: Donnie Barren (Holtzinger)
Song Length: 2:14
Primary Genre: Country-Rockabilly
Secondary Genre: Rock-New Wave
Tempo / Feel: Fast (151 - 170)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Madly In Love
Subject Matter 2: Body/Bodies
Mood 1: Delighted
Mood 2: In High Spirits
Similar Artist 1: Stray Cats, The
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later